Workshop Trainings

“Gabfai” Community Theatre is an organization employing dramas as an equipment to work. We have interesting activities in the form of workshop trainings which focus on participation of participants in order to achieve mutual goals and intentions.

Mission 1
To Empower and support capacity of individuals and communities by using art, cultural media and life-skill activities or creatively and appropriately alternative media

1. Community theatre
2. Life skills
3. Other trainings


Community theatre

The rehearsal of Community Theatre is a practice which participants will have an opportunity to exchange knowledge and practise skills on the art of theatrical performance. Besides, they will learn issues relating to them such as themselves, families, communities and other issues which affect society. The trainings emphasize on participation, team work, learning how to be a good leader and follower, self-confidence, creativity, meditation, imagination and beliefs, etc. The participants will learn how to find information for a drama. Everyone will harmoniously cooperate to create works and cooperate with communities to raise advantageous campaigns for communities by themselves as well as practise doing conclusion and evaluation. All of these practices are not meant only for performing dramas in communities but they are meant for being tools for the participants to discover their potential and interest. The rehearsal of Communities Theatre which is connected to communities makes the participants understand more about themselves, human society or the way of the world and this understanding will lead to goodness. Each rehearsal is limited to 15-30 persons depending on curriculums and period of time (more than 3 days). Gabfai divides the trainings into categories as follows :

Community Theatre for Children and the youth
Community Theatre for Performers
Community Theatre for villagers and people in general
Skills on different kinds of drama
(mime, pupets, special theatres for children)


Life skills

Life skills are alternative activities designed exclusively for the promotion of exchanging knowledge in each issue. After trainings, the participants will have new aspects such as knowledge, viewpoints, experiences, more choices in life, self-value, human value and knowing organizations they can ask for assistance when problems occur or wanting to contact about trainings. They will learn through training equipment such as games, role play, situation simulation and multimedia. In working process, there are individual and group working, lecture, demonstration, dialogues, and presentation to a big group. The process will focus on participation in additional; everybody can take part in activities regardless of age and occupation. There are 15-60 participants and the period of time depends on each issue. The issues are as follows :

One-self, friends, families, communities
Wisdom and local culture
Right (human, gender and child)
Violence and peace
Education and occupation
Migration and labor migration
Human trafficking
Issues closely related to them

Moreover, Gabfai has life-skill curriculums concerning with raising awareness of human trafficking prevention; for example, “Children’s passport” and “Community Loves Children and Women” and “School Loves Children” for people who are working in the field of prevention and protection.


Other Training

Media in “individual level” is important equipment and is needed by social workers especially, teachers, governmental officers, NGO officers and villagers in communities since it can help promote learning process, create people’s media space and various alternative media. As a consequence, Gabfai has been designing and developing training curriculums aside from Community Theatre and Life Skills curriculums in order to respond to different needs of target groups and the need of other organizations who ask for assistance from Gabfai. Each curriculum is designed according to target groups, purposes, methods and period of time; the examples are as below :

Popular Communication
Story telling through creative art
Creating Your Own Tales
Story telling through photos

Popular Communication Workshop

Communication is necessary and important for working with villagers and communities. When Community Organizers come to arrange learning process with villagers in communities, understanding and awareness will be built. As a result, Community Organizers and villagers will look at problems and current social situation in the same direction and this will lead to action plan of communities together. Employing surrounding equipment or local resources to be equipment for activities and using other techniques such as games, role play, and art will vitalizes learning process and make it more effective. Therefore, “Popular communication” is another alternative equipment for communities.

Art Media for Communication
Art is magical which can help humans to express their indescribable feelings. Art is another outlet which helps describe those feelings through deep aspects, imagination and ecstasy including important moment in human life. Hence, “Art Media for Communication” or in other words, story telling through creative art is a method which Gabfai employs to work with the goal to let participants tell about their own stories and their communities through art. The process is continuing step by step as activities are helping to revise and develop thoughts, feelings, goals in life and creative realistic point of view. Moreover, discovery, invention, solution and rehabilitation will emerge through their own art. The art work will be full of life, priceless stories and will be more realistic rather than unrealistic.

Creating Your Own Tales
(Communicative Tales for Children)

Training workshop ”Creating Your Own Tales” or “Communicative Tales for Children” is one of activities which we arrange for children in communities in order to give them a chance to tell about their ways of lives, feelings and beliefs which they are inherited from their forefathers including spirits and souls of ethnic groups through story telling and memories they have gained. This activity opens a chance for children to create their own tales by themselves and express their stories through writings, art works and illustration including performing their own tales which provides a lot of fun and morals. Besides, this activity will help children and participants think and use imagination positively and logically and also build up teamwork and self-confidence. Each training tales 3 days and we will create fun games for children to learn and enjoy each day.

Story Telling through Photos
Story Telling through Photos is an activity that employs technology as a tool to communicate; those are, camera and photo developing techniques. It can be said that today many people or families have their own cameras; it can be a film or digital camera which will end up in photos to keep memories. One photo can tell a thousand words. Photographic technology is another media which can express true stories and create power in oneself and communities. In the past, photos were from those who were outsiders and who introduced them to the public. Sometimes, it causes distortion or untruth. We believe that communities have capacity to express themselves through photos and works which are true and are what communities want to display and communicate to others. Accordingly, the training process will have respect communities’ opinions. The participants will learn about composition, basic techniques, interpretation and giving definition of stories. We will start from oneself to communities and arrange photo exhibition within communities and public in general.

Aside from trainings stated above, Gabfai designs other kinds of relative trainings. It depends on goals such as for creative recreation, etc.


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