Gabfai Community Theatre Group was established in 1996 in Chiang Mai as a private organization of popular media in a minor level without any consideration of political and economical ideology. We employ community, art, contemporary art, alternative media and creative activities to empower and enhance capacity as well as create various alternatives or space for exchanging knowledge for individuals, communities, organizations, and alliances. And we intend to expand space for people’s media in order to participate in social activities; for example, campaigns for raising awareness, prevention or solution ranging from community, public to policy level on the basis of peace and equality by having “Gabfai” as a popular media for campaign for an organization.



Theatre is alternative media which combines many branches of arts such as art of composition, direction, designing arts (backdrops, costumes and light, etc.) Theatre is the art of communication between humans, is basic right of liberty which opens the door for people to exchange experiences closely together. The power of dramatic art does not only offer entertainment but it also leads to knowledge, understanding, adjustment of attitudes, beliefs and behaviors, elevation of human soul in both producers and audiences as well as society.


Community in this sense doesn’t mean only the geographical division according to the governmental criteria but it also means the gathering of people who encounter with the same problems, are affected by the same troubles or have the same need and interests. They group together with the similar thought and ideology to drive their intention forwards on the basis of non-violence, which will lead to the solution of current problems. When the mission is accomplished, the creative and advantageous effects will be on people and society at large.

“Community Theatre”

Community Theatre is public area where media in a minor level (an individual level) is presented through the arts of theatre, local wisdom and culture including social information. With the assistance of these tools, working with community and public to create exchanging of knowledge between humans to offer various alternatives can be realized and creative changes in society can happen. This is a way to promote human right and liberty to perform peacefully and to reduce the gaps of knowledge, attitudes, and belief without politically and economically ideological influences. Cooperation and participation of individuals, communities, local organizations and NGOs or governmental organizations inside and outside the country are required in order to gain micro and macro achievement together.

Note : This definition is coined by the Group

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