Gabfai Community Theatre Group was established in 1996 in Chiang Mai as a private organization of popular media in a minor level without any consideration of political and economical ideology. We employ community, art, contemporary art, alternative media and creative activities to empower and enhance capacity as well as create various alternatives or space for exchanging knowledge for individuals, communities, organizations, and alliances. And we intend to expand space for people’s media in order to participate in social activities; for example, campaigns for raising awareness, prevention or solution ranging from community, public to policy level on the basis of peace and equality by having “Gabfai” as a popular media for campaign for an organization.
Vision, Mission, Symbol, Name and Motto

Communities have the right to employ various media and to communicate in order to expand social space for peace of human-beings.Mission

Empowering and supporting capacity of individuals and communities by using art, cultural media and life-skill activities or creatively and appropriately alternative media.

  1. Raising campaigns to create space for exchanging knowledge with public, society or target groups via alternative media in order to lead to creative knowledge, understanding, awareness and participation.
  2. Supporting or cooperation of civil section, alliances to drive public policies which benefit for human rights in the national and international level.

Symbol, Name and Motto


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